Boldist - Introducing the Lawn Lobster

Introducing The Lawn Lobster

We meet a lot of people with fresh new business ideas. Some ideas take off and others fizzle before they hit the branding stage. About a month ago, we had a couple of guys approach us with a concept for a product called “Lawn Lobster.” Essentially, this product appears to be a hip new lawn ornament but is capable of accomplishing a slew of unsuspecting tasks. As always, we heard them out. But when they finished their pitch we gave them our honest feedback of, “are you kidding us? theres no way this works!”

Like true entrepreneurs, these guys defended their idea and product, insisting that we each take one home to test it out. Part of our process typically includes testing the product and fully immersing ourselves in the brand before agreeing to put our name on it. So, with slight skepticism, we agreed. That evening, each member of our team took home a Lawn Lobster, we placed them in our yards and let them do their thing – ignoring them until morning.

We swapped experiences over coffee the next morning. And while all stories differed greatly, we had one thing consistently in common – we were blown away by what the Lawn Lobster has to offer. We are always in for impacting the world for the better – something we felt this product could do.

We rang the client, let them have the “we told you so” moment and quickly got on board with this latest venture. From the start, they knew they were looking for an infomercial style video, backed by strong design and a simple, product driven website. We weren’t questioning these guys anymore – so we designed a logo, wrote a script, teamed up with our buddies at Studio-Say-So to assist with video work and started coding an awesome website.

We are seriously excited to have the opportunity to work with the team at Lawn Lobster, to be the stewards of this product and to finally have the good fortune to share the news with all of you.