Ecommerce Web Development

All the demand in the world lacks performance without the platform to support it.

The more efficient and persuasive your experience,
the easier it is to buy in and buy now.

Sometimes you need to…

Improve what you have.


Security, responsiveness, accessibility, and even beauty are the bare minimum.

To own a solution with the persuasive prowess and seamlessness to stand out and sell, you want one that:

  • Keeps up with technology, your business, and consumer expectations
  • Draws people in, persuades their hearts, and holds their hand through purchase
  • Is customized to your strengths, goals, and audience
  • Gives you feedback so you can always adjust for greater success

If you know your website or app could perform better—should perform better—it’s time for a redesign.

Move what you have.


Your ecommerce platform should never create avoidable maintenance or hinder your ability to scale.

When your ecommerce platform gets in the way of expansion—whether you’ve outgrown it or need greater functionality—it’s time to move on to one that helps instead of hinders growth.

If you want to grow on…

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce

…we’ll help you switch quickly and efficiently without leaving anyone (your content, data, or SEO) behind.

Don’t let fear of change stagnate your success. Migration is an incredible undertaking, but that’s why we’re ecommerce shape-shifters: so you don’t have to be.

Digitize what you have.


You’re smart, so if you have an existing business but not a way to conduct orders online, you already know that creating one will ax manual labor and increase sales (because convenience).

Whether you need to digitize a…

  • Standard checkout
  • Lengthy customization process
  • Request for proposal
  • Literally anything else

…we’ll learn your processes inside and out to get it up and converting—so you and your customers can simplify without sacrificing.

You get what you pay for within this industry and Boldist brought a lot of value to the table and was worth every penny. They made us feel comfortable, offered lots of strategic advise and never rushed us into decision making.

B2B & DTC Security Brand

I feel like we’re in expert hands and they truly want us to succeed. Boldist's efforts have had a positive impact on sales and overall website metrics.

DTC Plant & Floral Brand