Buyer Nurturing

Increase cash flow
with conversation.

How do you meet people?
Get close?
Remind them you exist when life’s kept you busy?

You talk to them.
And that’s what content is for ecommerce:

A way to keep up the connection with the
people who will love you and buy.

Keep the exchange going with…

Pre-Purchase Nurturing

to Sell More

Had leads but don’t know where they went? 

Once leads make first contact, you can’t bank on them to return on their own, especially for a product that takes more consideration than impulse. 

But you can turn more leads into customers if you engage and educate them before the purchase.

With content, you can meet their needs before they buy—in a way that makes them like, trust, and want to choose you.  

You just need intentional content:

  • On owned mediums, targeting highly receptive leads for highly effective results
  • Strategized and created based on your product, brand, and audience
  • Suited to where your leads are in their journey, so a gentle push is helpful, not forced 
  • And that excites and prepares, so they’re fully on board and ready when it’s time to buy

Post-Purchase Engagement

to Sell Again

The conversation with an engaged customer never ends. 

And with the right post-purchase content on your owned mediums, you create greater customer satisfaction (aka retention, lifetime value, word of mouth, brand equity, and personal success).  

This is especially important for considered purchases (to keep customers from switching loyalties) and complex purchases (to ensure they got what they wanted).

Earn more love and help your customers:

  • Get the most out of your product (FAQs, warranties, tips, tutorials)
  • Get the most out of life (guides, advice, quizzes, challenges)
  • Get the most out of other products (cross-sell)
  • Get the most value they can (rewards and anniversary reminders)
  • In ways unique to your business

We’ll help you tailor an approach for your brand, offerings, customers, and their history with you.

Lifecycle Support

to Do It All*

No matter your industry, you can benefit from valuable onsite content that *attracts relevant traffic and guides potential customers through your funnel.

With great content, you can:

  • Target your audience when they’re most likely to buy
  • Generate interest in your brand and offerings
  • Provide clarity around complex offerings
  • Establish yourself as a trustworthy source
  • Prove why you’re better than the competition 
  • Provide the value that makes you a go-to brand 
  • Feed more leads into your nurturing campaigns

But not all best practices perform for everyone, and predestined packages don’t work. 

So while we’ve done it a hundred times, we always devise strategies to benefit your specific customer (and therefore, your business).

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