Customer Experience

Sweep them off their feet.
Keep them for a lifetime.

A bad customer experience dampens the mood.
A great one makes people love your product
more, flaunt you to every friend, and return the
second it’s justified.

All it takes is…

Premium Customer Experience

A good customer experience helps people justify their purchase and justify purchasing it from you.

To do that, it needs to connect with them and make them feel safe buying your product.

Its largely about trust, and while trust-building can range from video to chat to return policies, which ones you use and how comes down to what you’re selling to who.

That’s part one.

To turn a good experience premium means also creating joy in the purchase.

Through the right language, hospitality, and strategic choices, you can level up your experience to enjoyable and rewarding—leaving no room for hesitation or regret. Only excited customers.

Branding and Storytelling

Your customer wants your product, but you’re not the only one selling.
So how do they know you’re special?

(What idea are you selling through your product?)

To romance a product through branding and storytelling is to make your buyers feel connected to what you and their purchase represents—to make them feel that it means something.

To do this, you have to tell a story your audience can envision themselves in.

And through calculated copy, design, and imagery, show them how you help fulfill who they aspire to be.

Loyalty Generation

Loyalty begins before a purchase is even complete.

Think about it: Commitment stems from a good experience and perceived value. These are in your hands before the product ever lands in your customer’s.

The point of transition to customer is also your chance to start selling the next phase of your engagement by increasing your perceived value, building anticipation, and encouraging future interactions (say, via email).

We’ll help you make buyers confident in their choice (you) and excited for what’s to come, so they stick around.

And if the product requires a complex checkout or the competition tries to steal them away, they’ll trust they’re better off with you.

Often, when you work with companies you feel like you’re just a number, but I think Boldist truly wants to create something successful. It’s not just here, this is what you wanted. They want to build something that’s going to work for you.

A State University

After all the great feedback we heard and recommendations from friends we decided to go with them. Working with them has been amazing and smooth.

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