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If you’re used to selling in person and have shifted some or all of your new business processes online, it is crucial to take some time to rethink your customer journey to meet the new environment you’re in. It is easier to read the body language of your customers when doing business face-to-face, but it’s not always a good idea to replicate real-life selling processes in the online space. What follows are observations from years of experience in online selling that might help you get started.

Qualify Your Leads Fast With Website Forms

It’s easier to close new business if you’re dealing with a qualified customer. Pre-sales conversations can be eliminated by having a customer fill out forms and gathering information directly into your CRM or Marketing Automation System. For longer sales cycles this can help you close more business as you can segment your potential customers and share relevant information with them.

Limit The Number of Meetings (And Make Them More Effective)

Meeting online with tools like Zoom removes barriers to the meeting, and eliminates unproductive commuting time to meet in person. Limit the number of meetings you request and make sure they’re optimal by continuing to use best practices such as sharing a meeting agenda, and familiarizing yourself with your video software and clearing up technical issues beforehand. Finally, give yourself space between meetings.

Watch For Lost Sales From Increased Friction

Whenever you change your sales process, you introduce new “bugs” that could limit the number of sales you’re closing. If your old process is creating friction in an online setting, find ways to remove the barriers, and improve your customer experience. Pay attention to where you’re losing the sale or you’re finding communication breakdowns. Work with your internal team to identify solutions or hire a consultant. CRM systems can give you insights by tracking your results and allowing you to run analytics on your data

As you transition your sales online, have some patience with yourself and your customers. You’re both learning new ways to conduct business, which changes selling customs that some industries have been using for centuries. In time, you will find a new normal that works for your company, and as the economy returns you’ll find yourself selling even more than you did before.

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