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5 Ways to SEO Optimize Your Website For Online Sales

Many business owners are surprised to learn that with a minimal amount of effort they can get big wins when it comes to garnering traffic to their business from the search engines. In fact, you can create more visibility by finding and claiming profiles with some of the major players like Google, Facebook, and Yelp without having a website. There are many industry-specific search engines that will help your business connect with the right customers faster.

We’ve rounded up a list of quick wins you can claim for yourself today:

Set Up Google My Business

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business profile, you need to get on that immediately. Doing so can help you get more direct traffic for your brand from Google. You can earn higher rankings and connect with potential customers by following these steps:

  • Verify That Your Google My Business Listing Is Accurate.
  • Engage With Reviews – Even The Bad Ones.
  • Create a Content Calendar For Posts on Google.
  • Create A One-Stop-Shop For Customers.

Fill out all available fields necessary and keep it up to date. Share business updates on a weekly basis and encourage your current customers who have had a great experience to leave a review.

Update your Social Profiles

If your social media has been abandoned, it’s time to refresh your profiles and your social media goals. Set a goal to post a minimum of once a week and build up from there. Businesses that are active receive more traffic from search, and having up-to-date information makes sure you have happy customers by limiting the chance someone will show up to your business when it is closed.

Review your site content

When was the last time you updated your site content? Google likes fresh content, and if you haven’t touched your site in years, a quick rewrite of your existing pages can give you a boost. Our guide to business blogging will guide you through starting a blog as part of your content strategy. If you have the means, work with a professional copywriter to hone your language and convert more of the traffic you do get into customers.

Add fresh new content to your site

If your site has been updated, you might still not have enough content to bring in the visitors or answer their questions. Create more pages that answer questions you are asked by your customers or go more in-depth explaining how your product can benefit the end-user. If your new content fails to drive visitors to your website and you see a dip in organic traffic, that can mean your new site structure needs to be reindexed by Google and other search engines. We can help with that.

Increase your site speed

My final tip is to increase your site speed. Some performance indicators you can use to track site performance as your site speed changes include:

  • Reduce Bounce Rates
  • Improve Conversion Rates
  • Positive Word Of Mouth Marketing
  • Happy Mobile Users
  • Improve Page Ranking
  • Lowers Your PPC

Google favors fast and if your site loads slowly or isn’t mobile-friendly this could hurt your site ranking. If you’re not a developer, work with your web designer to increase the site speed, and if your site is over five years old it might be time for a rebuild on up to date technology.

These tips will help your brand get more impressions online, and you can implement most of them in under 20 hours. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to improve your digital marketing, reach out to us, and schedule some time with one of our specialists.