Boldist Purchases Castle

We are pleased to announce our most recent acquisition and pending relocation. As of 10:36am yesterday, Boldist is the proud owner of the Castle Design building located on I-4. Twelve21 Gallery, our Orlando Art Gallery, will remain in it’s current location.

How did this come about?

In a recent meeting, we ran through our normal to-do list: creating awesomeness, blowing clients’ minds, and taking over the world. Since we’ve been continuously knocking the first two out of the park, we decided to zone in on our quest for world domination. It didn’t take long for Boldist to realize that what we really need to accomplish this task is a CASTLE! It was just our luck (provided by a horseshoe, of course), that there was a castle available right here in Orlando! While the building has already been outfitted with some castle like qualities, our first order of business will be to add additional security features, including a moat, laser wielding turrets and a cave to house our bill collecting dragon. We could not be more excited about this move! Finally, our building will display the amount of worth and power that Boldist has in the world.

Looking towards the future:

While it seems moving to a castle is a bold move focused on closing ourselves off to the world, we plan to keep our doors open to clients that are doing positive things in the world with their businesses. Our new luxurious trappings will allow us to stretch our creative muscle, safely protect your branding secrets and launch water balloons at rush hour traffic on I4.

Client meetings will start being held in the castle immediately following moat construction.

You read the whole thing!

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