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Recycling Outdoor Advertising

A few months ago I stumbled upon a company that takes outdoor advertising vinyl and recycles it into something useful. With so many reusable bags being made today from recycled materials, it’s been surprisingly difficult to find one that will withstand the test of time and be useful enough to carry your groceries in – or anything else you want to use the bags for.

Personally, I have tried many different bags and find that they only last for a few months. Some of the bags I have tried are made to be convenient, and fold up into a little pouch. But, when I unwrap these bags, they are pretty awkward to carry groceries in, which makes the less appealing to actually use.

Given all this, I think what Gorilla Sacks is doing is amazing. They are taking advertising waste and transforming it into something that is good for the environment and stylish. The bags themselves are very sturdy and they make a great addition to your green shopping arsenal. Highly Recommended!