What the F!@K Does Full Service Mean a Blog

What the F!@K does full service mean?

We don’t know. This incredibly vague term is used by a lot of advertising and digital marketing agencies to set themselves apart, but we’re not convinced it really means anything.

We checked to see what the internet had to say about the meaning of this term. In short, a popular Wiki website says that it’s a code word for prostitution.

What does full service even mean?

Let’s face it. It is borderline impossible to be full service, unless you limit the fullness of your service, but then you’d no longer be full service.

We’re not trying to upset people that call themselves full service. We get it. It’s an easy way of reassuring your clients that you can do everything they ask of you and that you aren’t going to half-ass your work. But let’s face it, a business that is going to stay in business is not going to be half service.

Is your agency full service?

Stop trying to make full service happen. We know, like us, a lot of agencies provide great creative, strategy, communications, production, and analytics services, among others. What defines a great agency is self-awareness and knowing when a project isn’t for them.

In this industry it’s important to recognize that no agency is an island. Strive to be an expert in your field and build an awesome team that produces awesome work, but don’t let pride make you become insular within your own organization. Expand the boundaries of your network to produce exceptional marketing with the best input from the right people.

Jack of all trades, master of none

Our work ethic and culture begins with a curated approach to nurturing talent, and extends to contributing to the creative culture of our community.

It’s important to know when to pass on a project because you know you aren’t the best fit for it, or when to excel other voices that should be recognized for the quality of their work.

We are not full service. We do a lot of things well, a few things really well, and a lot of things not at all. We know when we’re not a good fit for a project, and it’s usually because we don’t know how or don’t want to know how. So, when someone comes to our office and asks us for the full service, we just send ’em down the road to where the full service happens.