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Fall Marketing Basics for the Not-So Basic

If you’re wondering why every woman is suddenly taking fashion advice from Han Solo, fall has officially begun. But autumnal enjoyment stretches beyond flannel, sweater vests, and scarves.

It’s that time of year when consumers clamor for pumpkin spice everything and businesses of all sizes are eager to join in on the fun. A new season brings new marketing opportunities and a fresh chance to revitalize your advertising creative.

We’re sure you’re chomping at the bit to share your autumn-infused social media marketing posts. We get it. The Boldist team is here to prevent you from being basic – it’s one of the worst marketing crimes you can commit. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the stalest and overused fall imagery you want to avoid in your marketing efforts.

Leaves. Yes, it’s an autumn staple. No, we do not want to see your product emerging from a colorful, crunchy pile of these mofos because we’ve seen it A THOUSAND times.

Pumpkins. Pumpkin everything is all around with sights, smells, and tastes. We’re practically choking on pumpkin seeds. Much too many brands pose their product next to a pumpkin and call it their fall marketing campaign. Oh, my gourd. You’re better than that.

Foot shot pictures. We’ve all seen them. The pictures with the Amaro filter showcasing those warm shoes – probably Uggs – staged over a pile of leaves. Oh. Em. Gee. There are better ways to market shoes in the colder months, we promise.

Sweater Sleeves. You’ve seen the ads. The ones with the sweater sleeves pulled ever-so-slightly midway across the hands. You’re cozy, we get it. This seems to be the go-to for selling soups and warm beverages by the mugful.

Close-ups of your latte. Complete with crema artwork, a leather-bound journal and an uncapped pen. Just don’t.

Let’s explore some of the local and national businesses and companies that have nailed fall marketing without sacrificing creativity.

Ten10 Brewery

A spewing pumpkin and a beer “brewed with a comical amount of pumpkin,” aptly named I Totally Can’t Even. This Orlando brewery gets it. Cheeky humor and alcohol – an unbeatable combination!

Merci Bakery

Merci Bakery of Orlando gets an A+. Its white pumpkin cookies add a touch of enchantment and class. Their flannel shirt cookies are clever, unexpected and just downright adorable.

Dunkin’ Donuts

A squirrel eating a donut. We repeat: a squirrel eating a donut. It’s like the cozy autumnal version of pizza rat.

Turtle Wax

Bravo, Turtle Wax. You NAILED IT. The image is simple, just a close-up of their product in a car. The message is short, direct and funny. Brilliant.


Muted colors, minimal words, no cliches and satirical. M&Ms went against every basic fall marketing tactic. Perfect.

See? Your fall marketing can be original. Challenge yourself to think differently. You never know how expansive your marketing efforts can be. Now, please excuse us. We have to put on an oversized cardigan, take pictures of a latte until it turns unpalatably tepid, and stage a photoshoot of our cozy new boots.