Develop your business by enhancing your image

Develop Your Business by Enhancing Your Image

We work with companies every day to develop their image through branding. There’s a lot more to branding than developing a good logo or message. A brand is developed through the combination of a quality product, exceptional service and good design.

First, develop a quality product.

Whatever Product you are selling, whether it is a tangible good, a service, a luxury item or a commodity the quality of your product is only as good as it is perceived by your customers. Brand perception is established by setting expectations of quality and then delivering them consistently. At Boldist we do this by determining the client’s needs up front and agreeing on them through our client discovery process. From there it’s easy for us to deliver a quality creative product because we understand the client’s objectives.

Next, deliver great service.

Most companies try to set themselves apart through service. However, when it comes down to it this is one of the hardest parts of your brand to maintain. Service takes discipline, as well as creating a company culture that is going to withstand even the most stressful times. Great Service is about giving attention to the small details. No matter what your product is, Great service can mean the difference between a long term and non existent customer.

Finally, wrap everything in a nicely branded package.

The final element of enhancing your image is giving your product a recognizable image. Companies do this through branding, which is a combination of logo’s, package design, collateral and other points of contact to their customers. A well branded company will make sure that every time their customer interacts with their product, that experience is consistently wrapped in nice packaging. This means every stage of the process has been thought through and touched by your brand.

Use branding to enhance your image.

If you haven’t already, analyze your sales process and determine where you haven’t already branded yourself to your customers. If you have a retail store, focus on your environment. If you have a website, focus on everything from site flow to the packaging you use to ship your product. If you have a service that works in the field, make sure your trucks match your invoices.