Emily Ellyn

Having fun with food and fashion.

By creating an entertaining fusion of food, fun and fashion, Emily ellyn has created a name for herself as a celebrity chef that takes classic American dishes and gives them a retro-rad upgrade into delectable and entertaining kitchen adventures. Watching her cook is as entertaining to watch, as it is mouthwatering to experience – she carefully crafts every recipe by pairing unexpected ingredients, and she delivers these recipes with style! She carefully picks and styles her outfits to match the recipes she’s delivering, both on camera and on-site.


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
Create a digital experience as unique as her–and her audience.

Create a digital experience as unique as her–and her audience.

We worked with Emily on re-branding her digital presence by creating a reimagined website that focused on growing her audience and better positioning her as a Celebrity Chef and Educator. The website is designed to be a hub for her audience to get up to date and quality content delivered directly from the mind of Emily. Her recipes are thought out, from ingredients, to accessories, to fashion!

Nurturing her audience with quality content.

We also worked with Emily Ellyn to create a series of stir-and-serve videos in partnership with the Idaho Potato Commission. These videos were created as a way to show people how versatile and indispensable Idaho potatoes can be, and how they can used in some not-so-traditional interesting ways. She created unique recipes that out a retro0-rad spin on American classics.