Revolutionizing with
innovative tech and service.

OpenHouse Home Insurance is transforming the way people buy insurance. With a unique tech-enabled “agent-less” platform, it delivers accurate home insurance quotes and policies. Besides offering uncommon savings based on smart lifestyle choices, it also offers a customizable policy in which customers pay only for the things they want to cover.

Having worked out the wrinkles of launching a revolutionary new product, the insurance company came to us ready to propel its brand and experience to the next level.


  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Spreading the idea of<br />
affordable home insurance.
Spreading the idea of<br />
affordable home insurance.

Spreading the idea of
affordable home insurance.

After conducting a comprehensive diagnostic, we uncovered several areas of focus that included user experience design, web development, copywriting, UI design—all used to reset the experience and create a springboard for future growth. As part of our continued engagement we help them with content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and strategic consulting, as they gear up to expand throughout Florida and eventually the rest of the nation.

Innovating through experimentation.

Using a phased-out launch approach and continuous iteration and experimentation, we deliver incremental website and insurance application upgrades and enhancements that help visitors understand OpenHouse’s unique value proposition and give customers the confidence to self-insure. Our efforts pushed homepage conversions from 2% to as high as 17%, with a 10% average since the launch. As its bound policies continue to increase, we continue to work with OpenHouse to grow its product and the brand.