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Best Marketing Podcasts For
In-House Marketers 2020

Are you looking to sharpen your marketing skills, but don’t have the time or budget to dedicate to a marketing workshop or peruse the latest industry book? Podcasts are a great way to absorb knowledge during your drive to work, and with the average commute in the U.S. coming up at around 27 minutes each way, you have more than enough time to hone your skills.

However, with over 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes available, it is hard to sort through the garbage and strike gold. Regardless of your experience level or role within your company, we’re sure you’ll find something useful in our list of best podcasts for in-house marketers.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Marketing School’s Neil Patel and Eric Siu bring you daily actionable insights from lessons learned through their years in marketing. Best of all, each episode is under ten minutes! Both hosts have helped companies like Amazon, Google, and Uber grow their traffic and revenue, so why wouldn’t you want to pick their brains during your coffee break?

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

The CMO Podcast with Jim Stengel

If you’re a CMO, or you aspire to be one, this podcast is for you. In each episode, Jim Stengel, former CMO of Procter & Gamble, sits down for intimate conversations with CMOs from every industry, from banking to technology to fashion, and paints a picture of this demanding role that affects the entire consumer experience.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

The Growth Show

HubSpot’s podcast explores the inspiring stories behind how a business, an idea, or a movement grows. Each episode features insightful advice and information you can implement in your own business. The podcast has featured the success stories of companies including Union Wine Co., Hipcamp, and Quip.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

Online Marketing Made Easy

The perfect podcast for small business owners looking to grow their business, Online Marketing Made Easy’s host, Amy Porterfield, features interviews with experts, executive plans, and actionable marketing tips that are bound to get results.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

Copyblogger FM

If your content marketing efforts aren’t doing much, consider listening to Copyblogger FM. Each week, a cast of rotating experts analyze content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, and more.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

Masters Of Scale

Wouldn’t it be helpful to hear from successful entrepreneurs to learn about how they grew from startups into global brands? Well, what if we told you that you could? Masters of Scale features the best startup advice from Nike to Netflix, Starbucks to Slack. One of our favorite episodes is on mastering the art of storytelling with Charity: Water founder Scott Harrison.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

Paper Planes Podcast

This marketing, entrepreneurial, and business podcast features interviews from high-performing CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts on the latest industry trends. Are you debating whether or not your brand should be on TikTok? Are you wondering whether your business can tackle a crisis from a marketing perspective? Then this is the podcast for you.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

Social Pros Podcast

Each episode shines the spotlight on social media practitioners, sharing insights on current trends and ideas in the industry. Some topics discussed include burnout among social media managers, repurposing your content, and handling reviews. Listen to in-house social media pros from companies including John Deere, Cinnabon, WestJet, and others.

Best Marketing Podcasts For</br>In-House Marketers 2020

SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Having first aired in 2009, this podcast has become one of the longest-running for staying ahead of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. New listeners can search through a library of almost 500 episodes of all topics related to internet marketing, including SEO, PPC, email and social media marketing, and more.

What Are You Listening To?

Did we miss any? Share your recommendations with us and let us know what you’re binging to up your marketing game. As for me, I am listening to the HBR IdeaCast, and most of Adweek’s line-up of podcasts (Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, Adweek Radio, and D&I TBD), turning my daily commute into an opportunity to learn something new!