Your web analytics could be better.

Web Analytics

They could answer your questions and reveal the right courses of action.

And they should.

We offer web analytics
services that help ecommerce marketers capture clean, interpretable data and make smarter decisions.

Relieve the pressure
to continually improve
and prove ROI.

What if you knew you made all the right marketing decisions and could answer all the hard questions to prove it?

Can’t you just feel the knots in your shoulders loosening up?

That’s the power of web analytics.

With strategic implementation, your data tells a story.

It tells you what’s happening on your website and why, so you know how to improve online performance.

Smart analytics is crucial for ecommerce success.

Because even micro changes to your website can make money or cost it.

With smart web analytics, you:

Fix costly user experience issues

Identify new marketing opportunities

Test changes before rolling them out

Understand your customers’ behaviors

But tracking traffic and conversions won’t cut it.

Vanity metrics like page views and click rates matter, but they can’t tell you why they’ve gone up or down. And they can’t help you make business decisions on their own.

The good news is you have more data at your fingertips than ever.

So why is it so hard to use it?

But tracking traffic and conversions won’t cut it.

Mo’ data, mo’ problems.

Data is hard to understand, hard to act on, and never-ending. When it’s clean, it mirrors
your efforts and customers. When it’s dirty, it’s less useful than 100 disorganized
Excel spreadsheets.

The power of analytics requires being able to:

  1. Trust the data you’re collecting and
  2. Analyze it to extract the gold you need


Only then can you tell when you’ve made:

Good Decisions

Good Decisions

Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions

No Decisions

No Decisions

That insight allows you to spend smart and feel confident that your next decisions
are the right ones.

Ergo, your favorite
web analytics helpers.

It’s easy to pull a heck of a lot of data.

What isn’t easy is:

  • Pulling clean data
  • Pulling useful data
  • Pulling complex data
  • Interpreting interactions between data
  • Identifying the actions your data suggests
Ergo, <span class="bck">your favorite </br>
web analytics helpers.</span>

Ultimately, your web
analytics agency should

Capture clean data

Capture clean data

With technical expertise on your team, you can collect data that is consistent, complete, and accurate—data that lends itself to successful strategies.

Yield insight

Yield insight

Too often, reports are a slew of numbers that mean nothing to the untrained eye. Instead, we clearly display your results and the meaning behind them.

Facilitate action

Facilitate action

Knowing what areas can improve isn’t the same as knowing how to do it. So, we provide actionable recommendations that you can execute one step at a time.

Improve CX

Improve CX

Discover updates to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.
Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Make better marketing decisions and identify opportunities to increase sales.
Prove ROI

Prove ROI

Prove to company executives which investments brought in revenue and how much.
Save Time

Save Time

Save time and effort with efficient data collection processes, integrations, and clear reporting.
Save Money

Save Money

Invest in campaigns and updates that work, and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.
Stay Ahead

Stay Ahead

Utilize always up-to-date expertise on the tools and tactics that’ll keep you ahead of the rest.


Reduce complexity in your marketing by focusing efforts where they matter most.


Confidently make business changes that will reap the most benefit in the long term.


Breathe knowing you’ve made all the right decisions and are the best at what you do.

Web analytics services for
smart decision makers.

Get accurate, readable, and actionable data,
tailored to your business goals.

Web Tracking

Set up tracking across your website to collect key performance indicators, assess purchase behavior, and measure user experience—accounting for the integrations you use. Gather information from site speed and readability to session analysis, order data, and ROI.


Data Visualization

You want answers, not information. View your analytics data in one place that tells a contextual story in an intuitive format, with only the most relevant findings, so you can make decisions in real-time and easily share with stakeholders.


Customer Insight

Use customer behavioral data and segmentation to identify your most valuable customers, learn their preferences, and give them what they want to keep them moving down the funnel.


Create and run A/B tests in stages to identify the manageable updates that will improve your on-site conversions. We’ll also help you make those updates, from better design and content to removing friction points in the buyer’s journey.


Ecommerce Analytics

Interpret data as it relates to your online business. Find meaningful patterns in visitor data, and use those patterns to improve product discovery, site functionality, customer experience, and loyalty.

Web analytics services for <br />
smart decision makers.

Expert consultation and setup for ecommerce analytics tools, like:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Most sites already have Google Analytics. Most are also set up incorrectly. Our Google Analytics consultants will help you set up Google Analytics 4 and stay ahead of updates and best practices.

  • Custom segments
  • Views, goals, and filters
  • Conversion funnels
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Enhanced ecommerce
  • And more
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager allows you to customize tags for conversion tracking and remarketing to maximize insight. We help you navigate its complexities, whether you need a new setup or complete overhaul.

  • Tag management
  • User profiles
  • Audience tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Automatic events
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • And more
Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

The best way to derive action from data? With powerful reporting. Set up Data Studio to merge data across platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads, into a readable, interactive dashboard.

  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Ads performance
  • SEO performance
  • Ecommerce performance
  • Ecommerce data analysis
  • And more

Together, we’ll turn data into decisions.



We talk about your goals and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current data collection and implementation.



We define the experience you want to give customers and what success looks like. Then, we identify the tools and strategy that suits your goals.


Let’s Go

Your team implements your new strategy, or we do it for you. This step includes setting up your tracking code, events, parameters, goals, and more.


Report & Monitor

Within 48 hours of set up, you see data extracted and transformed into dashboard insights. You use your goldmine wisely, and we ensure it stays golden.


Analyze & Refine

From here on, it’s testing and optimization. Together, we’ll ensure your analytics continue to reflect your products, audience, and goals, as well as tech advancements and data privacy laws.

A process for never-ending growth:

A process for never-ending growth:
Answer important marketing <br />
questions like:

Answer important marketing
questions like:

  • Are we measuring the most important KPIs for the business?
  • Who are our most valuable customers?
  • Are our acquisition campaigns profitable?
  • What are our best-performing campaigns?
  • What are our most effective traffic sources?
  • What should we do next to increase conversions?
  • Is our checkout process helping or hurting sales?
  • How long is our average customer journey?
  • What content should we make based on visitor trends?

We help great businesses
never guess again.

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If you…

If you…

  • Can’t explain how your marketing is (or isn’t) making a difference.
  • Feel like you’re burning money because you don’t track results.
  • Don’t want to spend money on another analytics tool or course.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data and possibility.
Then, we’ll help you…

Then, we’ll help you…

  • Capture how prospects move through your marketing funnels.
  • Identify which tactics, channels, and funnels are working.
  • Determine which parts of your website are helping or hurting.
  • Establish a path to continually improve and report ROI.

You want an evidence-based strategy built on data, but you don’t
speak the language.
We’re expert translators.

We make your analytics habitual.

We make your analytics habitual.

We make looking at data intuitive for your teams, so everything is evidence-driven. You get full access to your data and standards for interpreting data sources, events, and goals.

We think beyond numbers.

We think beyond numbers.

We’re also ecommerce consultants that understand the holistic nature of digital marketing, so we know what data matters to you and what you can do about it.

Your ecommerce is our specialty.

Your ecommerce is our specialty.

Both because we offer custom solutions that come from developing relationships that involve even our directors, and because ecommerce is our niche.

Ready to turn data into riches?

If you’re ready to remove the guesswork from your website and get the results you deserve, we’re ready when you are.

If you’re not ready to invest in a blossoming relationship with killer results, some web analytics agency will gladly copy and paste their derivative procedures. We aren’t that agency.

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Still have questions about web analytics services for ecommerce?

We have answers.

What do web analytics do?

Web analytics is the tracking, reporting, and analysis of user behavior on a website for the sake of learning from it to optimize for conversions and efficiency. Web analytics also includes testing UX, design, and content variations to improve KPIs.

What is the difference between reporting and analytics?

Reporting is but one piece of analytics. While a report shows the data you collect, analytics is the process of analyzing that data and uncovering why something is happening. A report provides the information you need, but analytics leads to action.

What is a web analytics service?

A web analytics service helps you achieve maximum marketing performance by collecting, warehousing, reporting, and evaluating website and visitor data to understand customers and uncover opportunities for improvement. Strategies include tag management, measuring KPIs, automating reports, and CRO guidance.

Who uses web analytics?

Web analytics is valuable for any size company. Small startups have access to the same data types as a large ecommerce business, and everyone benefits from knowing their customers' behaviors and desires.

Why do you need web analytics?

Website analytics is how you get the insight you need to build a better user experience for potential leads and buyers. Being able to test new ideas and measure the results of your efforts is how you get out of the dark. When you know what marketing tactics work and why, you know how to increase sales and repeat business.

Why partner with a web analytics consultancy?

It’s easy to pull data from an analytics platform like Google Analytics, but it’s not easy to always pull clean data or understand its meaning. Web analytics consulting ensures you interpret your data correctly to make the right decisions. Additionally, web analytics experts can pull off more complex metrics that involve looking at data interactions to provide more valuable insight.

Who do Boldist’s services work for?

We partner with B2B and DTC ecommerce companies across industries, including tech, government, retail, real estate, manufacturing, finance, restaurants, insurance, and more. We do everything from ecommerce analytics consulting to implementation and are WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce experts.

What’s unique about Boldist’s services?

We base your strategy and recommendations on your audit and needs instead of providing the same tactics to every client. We also implement your tactics and tests with a focus on the true purpose of web analytics: improving acquisition and conversions to grow your ROI.

Will Boldist give us access to our data?

Of course. We believe in complete transparency, so you always have access to your assets and accounts.

How does Boldist’s team communicate with us?

While every member of our team roots for your success, we assign you an account manager to serve as your ally and primary point of contact. You can reach them anytime with questions via phone or email, and they will schedule regular meetings with you according to your project, needs, and availability.

How much does web analytics cost?

The initial and ongoing cost of your web analytics strategy, implementation, and testing campaigns depends on your business, goals, and the current state of your analytics. Book a call to discuss your needs and estimate.