Laughing Samurai
is now Boldist

The first question on your mind is probably, “why are you changing your name?”

  1. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a world that is increasingly woke,
    with many movements acknowledging how messed up society can be to
    cultures and individuals.
  2. We have often wondered if our name was the right name for us.
  3. Because we are borrowing a word from a historical culture that no longer
    exists and that none of us are a part of, it seemed like changing our name
    was a good idea (see exhibit 1).
  4. We are coming out of a global pandemic that gave us plenty of time to
    think about where we wanted to go, and we want to go global.

Because of all this, our name is no longer a name that pulls its weight in representing us.

Laughing Samurai means a lot to us. It’s where we came from. It’s a group of talented individuals who can overcome any challenge with skill and finesse. It’s the A-team. It’s a vibe. It’s weird. It’s obscure. It’s fun.

Laughing Samurai is about where we came from, and our new name Boldist is about where you are going. We see opportunities for your growth, and we want our new brand to reflect that. We’re excited about building the next chapter with you.

We’re sorry, or you’re welcome.

Benjamin Collins