If you’re in the market
for Hustle & Grit
you’ve come to the
right place.


Not everyone is a fit.

Our Approach to
Curating Talent

Our people are amazing. We’ve hand-selected them from literally thousands of applicants that submit through our website every year. We look at hiring talent much like a curator would when assembling an art exhibition. What is the message we want to deliver and what are the best ways to convey that message?

Our message is performance and the people we’ve selected are the best we’ve seen. We put them through a rigorous interviewing process, sample their DNA, make them run three obstacle courses, give them logic problems, ask them questions designed to short-circuit their reality, shift their input-output carrier signals, and free them from the monotony of work at other agencies.

If they make the cut, they get a desk and a new reason
to live: Boldist’s clients.

We don’t play around

Our Commitment to Performance

Performance-driven advertising isn’t new. Clever marketers have been doing it for decades. We like the idea of being able to know what works and to really understand performance, so we asked ourselves: What does performance look like for Boldist?

It seems almost obvious that the answer would be the success of our clients.

We are committed to knowing our clients’ business and goals. We are committed to always working on ourselves and upgrading our expertise. We are committed to doing what it takes to show up every day and perform at a level that produces real quantifiable results, and we have to be willing to do that in a way that is transparent enough to be measured and understood so we can improve every day.


How we live our culture

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    The average human only has about 87,000 meals in their lifetime. We think it’s a sin to waste even one of those meals on crappy food.
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    Thousands of artists release their music to the world every year, but very few albums are worth listening to more than once. We’re on a mission to find the ones that are.
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    We see art as a source of constantly evolving inspiration–we are committed to taking in as much as we can, forever.
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    There is a world outside of your phone. Put it down and experience it.
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    For centuries, man has beaten leather-bound instruments as a way to speak to the gods. We think that’s a great idea, so we do it every year… on the solstice.
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    There are many things that can be explained with science. We’re into the ones that can’t.