7 Awesome Benefits of  Video on  Product Pages

Scarlett Payne  |  October 4, 2021  


2. Higher AOV

Product page videos can increase average order value (AOV) when you show how different products work together, like 2 parts of a coffee set or a matching outfit.

3. Brand Authenticity

Every brand interaction is a chance to establish sentiment and stand out from the crowd. Videos that showcase your authenticity help viewers perceive your brand as genuine.

4. Better SEO

Video content can help you rank in search results, especially if your competitors have yet to take advantage of the video boom.

5. Better Engagement

Video engages users and increases the amount of time they spend on your product pages. More time spent means: • Better brand recall • Increased likelihood of   purchase • Higher SEO rankings

6. Fewer Returns

Returns are costly. Videos on product pages help buyers see your product for what it is. As a result, fewer buyers will make the mistake of buying something they end up returning.

7. Content for Other Channels

For every video, consider whether it can add value to an email campaign or social post. Social platforms are increasingly video-centric and used to connect with consumers.

Product videos are an investment—but an investment worth making. To learn more about types of product videos and how to use them, check out our full guide to product videos for ecommerce.