5 Product Videos to Use on  Your Website

By Scarlett Payne  |  October 10, 2021


Using the following types of product videos on your ecommerce website is one of the best ways to increase trust in your brand and increase sales.

1. Product Demos

A product demo is a short clip that shows your product in use in order to demonstrate how it looks and functions in real life. These are best used on product pages.

2. The Explainer

Explainer videos cover something about your product in greater detail, like features, instructions or how-tos. They can be several minutes long but are best kept under 2 minutes.

3. Selection Advice

A selection advice video helps buyers decide between similar products to ensure they order the right one for their needs. These make  decision-making easier and result in fewer returns.

4. Unboxing Videos

Unboxing is when someone records each step of opening a delivered package. These videos are aesthetically pleasing and show product quality, but attractive packaging is a must.

5. Customer Reviews

A video review increases trust in a product even more than a written one because it proves the review is real. It also leaves a greater impact to see the reviewer.

Buying online is common practice, but trusting a new store is always intimidating.  Product videos cross that barrier to win more customers—that is, when they’re done correctly.

To learn how to make high-converting product videos, check out our full guide on the subject.

Thanks for reading!