Tools to Enhance Your Contact  Form Data

Tools to Enhance Your Contact  Form Data

By Scarlett Payne  |    September 22, 2020


50% of marketers

50% of marketers

say web forms are their best converting lead generation tool.

But people don’t always fill out forms. And you don’t always use your lead data.

Cue data enrichment.

Data enrichment improves  data quality.

A 10% improvement in lead quality means a 40% boost in sales productivity.

Start by boosting form submissions

1. Use a CRM to collect all of your data in one place. 2. Use shorter forms. People like convenience. 3. Use one of the following 3rd-party tools for conversion.


Special Features: • Google Analytics   integration • UTM tracking • A/B testing • Learn which fields cause      people to bounce


Special Features: • Compare performance    over time • Compare audience      segments’ interactions • Set behavior alerts


Special Features:  • Heatmaps • Video recordings of    the user’s journey

You collected  the data –  now enrich it.

Enrichment tools remove error, outdated information and fill in the blanks. Use one of the following data enrichment tools.

Clearbit Forms

Special Features: • Shortened forms • Auto-fill features • Automatic data refresh


Special Features:   • Form shortening • Lead scoring • Amazing integrations


Special Features:  • Integrate data from      providers • Custom bots • Lead scoring and routing


Special Features:  • Data confidence scores • Predictive scoring • Affordable