12 Tips to Enhance the Shipping Experience

By Scarlett Payne  |   April 23, 2021


Delivery experience isn’t some industry buzzword to be taken lightly; it’s a vital component of your customer experience strategy. 84% of online shoppers won’t return after a bad shipping experience.

Delivery time and cost are critical elements when deciding if a purchase is worth it. Be reasonable, competitive and provide as many delivery options as you can to satisfy an array of needs.

1. Choose Shipping Options Carefully

Make sure your shipping options are easy for customers to understand. Each delivery option should be clearly stated with expectations for cost and timeline spelled out. Fees and taxes should be apparent.

2. Be Transparent

Consumers expect companies to have an easy returns process. Allowing returns shows confidence in your products and gives buyers the confidence to try them out. Make sure the process is simple and efficient.

3. Consider Your Return Policy

Another trend on the rise is a preference for delivery date estimates. Consumers want you to provide the exact date their order will arrive before they purchase a product.

4. Nail Down   Delivery Dates

Making checkout simple and fast will increase the number of visitors who complete it. Require as few form fields and clicks as necessary and follow web form best practices.

5. Make Checkout  Straightforward

As soon as you’re no longer the only person handling your product, make sure all employees and teams are updated on inventory, orders and shipping strategy.

6. Communicate With Your Team

The purpose of a quality check is to ensure that each package arrives at your customer’s door as intended: packaged the right way, all items included, in a properly sealed, non-damaged box.

7. Conduct Regular Quality Checks

Inform buyers when their order is received, packaged, on its way and has arrived. If a package is lost or delayed, be the first to let them know.

8. Keep Your Customers Updated

Always pick up and respond as soon as you can. No one likes being on hold or passed around from one customer support rep to the next. Reduce the number of customer service touchpoints to prevent this from happening.

9. Offer Speedy  Responses

Personalize the customer’s experience and options whenever you can. Do things like consider geography for shipping discounts, customize recommended products and send thank you notes.

10. Personalize The Experience

Branded packaging excites buyers and promotes your brand to everyone who sees it. Consider including incentives like discount codes or free samples and free branded gifts like a pen or sticker.

11. Make Packaging Feel Like a Present 

Whether it’s a new shipping rate, cost calculation, carrier, notification system or packaging improvement, always start small and test out the logistics of the strategy and whether it works first.

12. Test Ideas First

Part of The Bargain

When a customer buys a product, a good shipping experience is part of the bargain. Consumers expect a good experience and will choose brand loyalties that align with that value.

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