Pros and Cons of Instagram Checkout

By Scarlett Payne |  July 6, 2021

Marketing Strategy

Shopping vs Checkout

With Instagram Shopping, users can find, browse and share products, and you can tag products in posts and ads. Checkout lets users complete the entire purchase process in-app.


Currently, Checkout is only open to US businesses that meet certain eligibility requirements. As time goes by, they will continue rolling it out to more businesses and  ecommerce partners.

Pros of  Checkout

- Valuable reach - Effective ad placement - Shorter checkout for    users - Influencer marketing - Live shopping features - Product launch features

Cons of  Checkout

- Lost website data - Lost re-engagement    opportunities - No control over    customer experience - Greater competitor    presence - Fees increase with order    value

Stay In Charge

Whose business do you want to promote? If you want to keep control of your company – its presence, strategy, and CX – it’s worth considering if you want to give Instagram so much power.

Maintain Your Priorities

There are many benefits to Instagram, but it shouldn’t take priority over your website. If your site sucks, fixing it will do more for your business’s growth than Checkout.