Rethink Using that WordPress Page Builder

By Scarlett Payne   |    March 22, 2021


WordPress powers 39.5% of websites and is a great option for your business.  WordPress page builders, however, probably aren't.

A page builder is an editor that lets you build a website with little effort. Creators “drop” themed blocks onto a page that they fill in with their own content. 

What Are Page Builders?

1. They design the site     themselves. 2. They work with a designer      without development    skills. 3. They try to build a website    with a tiny budget. 4. They inherit the site from      someone who did the    above.

People Use Page Builders When:

Page builders can be a great choice if you’re building a personal website with only a few pages that you don’t intend on personalizing or updating often. 

When Page Builders Work

But Page Builders Don’t Always Cut It

Common problems include:   • Bloated, invalid code   • Slow site speed   • Poor SEO   • Limited design   • Unoriginality   • Wasted time   • Lack of longevity   • Insufficient accessibility

Bloated or  Invalid Code

Page builders fill in code for you, but it’s often longer or larger than necessary and slows your site down. It can also be dirty and noncompliant, resulting in security threats. 

Killing SEO

Bloated code is bad for SEO because search engines use a page’s code to understand its content.  With bloated or error-ridden code, your site will show up in search results less often, and fewer people will find it. 

Limited Design

Page builders don’t have every style and feature built in, so you lose significant control over the design of your site.  You also have limited say in how the information architecture affects your users’ experience. 


If every business using a page builder is subject to the same options, how will you create a website that stands out?

Wasted Time

Page builders don’t always give you access to the website’s source code and database files, meaning that updates you could do all at once have to be done one by one.

Lack of Longevity

With page builders, you lose the ability to adapt your code to meet new business and website needs.  You also can't guarantee that any builder will keep up with WordPress updates or advances in technology.