8 Tips for a Higher-Converting Product Video

By Scarlett Payne  |  October 6, 2021


1. Show Other Products

A product video can showcase more than one product, even if one is in the background. Doing so will increase product awareness and average order value.

2. SEO Videos 

You can optimize product videos for search engines. Use metadata, tags and titles, and ensure that Google Search Console (GSC) includes them in your sitemap.

4.  Get Every Shot

Product videos should give consumers an experience similar to what they would get in person, and in person, they can see the product at every angle.

5. Declutter

A cluttered video distracts from the intended focus: your product. Make sure your video setting is clean and makes sense for the video topic.

6. Personalize

When you can, segment your audience into relevant groups based on demographics and behavior. Use these segments to personalize the videos your audience sees.

7. Have Some Personality

Product videos can have character, especially if your brand has a strong personality. You can hint at this personality in small ways or make it readily apparent.

8. Stay Positive

It’s easy for fear tactics to come across like a bad infomercial and invoke negative feelings. Instead, focus on the positives that come with using your product.

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