Pros and Cons  of Selling on Facebook Shops

By Scarlett Payne  |   June 15, 2021


As interest in buying from social platforms has increased, Facebook has made it possible to conduct all levels of the  ecommerce sales funnel through their platform, from discovery to purchase.  

Facebook Shops

With Facebook Shops, users can discover, browse, save, share and buy physical products from ecommerce shops. Stores can import catalogs and create product collections.

The Pros

– Shopping   convenience  – Increased reach – More data for better   ad targeting – Live shopping   features – Testing & integrations – Increased social     presence

The Cons

– Little control over   customer experience – Lost customer data to   your website – Having to follow    Facebook’s rules – Depending on    Facebook for success – Transaction fees

Power In Ownership

Your website is where you have the most control. It’s where you can get the most out of your data and brand to enhance the customer experience and grow lifetime value.

Facebook Isn’t  a Website

If you use Facebook Shops, it should support your ecommerce store – not replace it. Your goal should always be to use Facebook as a source to acquire leads for your website.