How to Take Advantage of CDP Data

By Laurence Williams |  August 8, 2021


The CDP you use will integrate with any software your business uses, such as Shopify, Salesforce, AWS, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. 

A great CDP will provide you with accurate, trusted data all in one place that can be acted on immediately. Here are some ideas on how to use that data.

Foster Loyal Customers

Good data can predict which customers will have the highest lifetime value. Identify them early, and use personalization to nurture their brand interactions to earn their loyalty.

Convert One-Time Buyers

What do you know about a customer after one sale? What are they interested in that you offer? Use this data to identify personas, and retarget with the right offers and messaging. 

Acquire  High-Value Customers

Create rich profiles of high-value customer types using demographics, geographics, product preferences, psychographics and historical and predictive data.

Promotion Reduction

Segment audiences into those that only buy when there are offers and those who will buy without, so you can offer promotions as needed.

Using data personalization gives you an advantage over companies that are not yet doing so. The sooner you start organizing and acting on data within a CDP, the sooner you can grow your business, and your CDP can scale with you.

When to Invest  in a CDP