How to Scale Ecommerce Personalization

Laurence Williams   |    September 15, 2021


The pandemic created new digital shopping habits for millions of people across all demographics and bolstered the spending that takes place online.

Still, personalized experiences reign supreme.

Trading Data For Experience

Modern consumers know the exchange that comes with being online, and they expect you to use their personal information to make their online shopping experience better.

And Scale Is No Excuse

For those competing in the ecommerce space, it’s vital to understand your ability to collect consumer data and offer personalized experiences no matter your business’s scale.

1. Organize Everything

Collecting data online is easy but vast, and it can be overwhelming to act on. Still, the real competitive advantage comes in when you organize and act on your insights.

4. Test Iterations

Develop a process for testing iterations of different messaging and customer profiles. This will allow you to continue to improve your process and marketing as you grow.

5. Automate Personalization

Personalization requires upfront effort and testing to see what messaging and timing work for you, but automation makes it easy to scale, so the same effort applies whether you’re at 50 customers or 5,000,000.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!