How to Reduce Customer Churn With UX Design

How to Reduce Customer Churn With UX Design

By Laurence Williams   |    November 18, 2020


Churn, also known as customer attrition, is the number of customers you have lost against the number of customers you have acquired during a given time period.

What is churn?

Measure your churn rate  as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Churn Rate = (lost customers/ new customers)  x 100

Many businesses use customer experience (CX) to reduce churn: - Better onboarding - Improve customer     support - Address customer     feedback - Engage customers at all     touchpoints, not just when     there is an issue

Businesses are increasingly operating online for a large portion of their sales journey. A slow website can be enough to damage your churn rate and conversions.

Managing Digital Interactions

Usability is a deciding factor in whether customers engage with your service or choose a competitor with a more user-friendly interface.

Four Insights  From UX

- Make buttons predictable - Ensure elements that look     clickable are clickable - Make pathways to end     goals clear and     encouraged - Reduce elements that     distract from end goals

1. User Interface  (UI) Design

Confusion and difficulty leads to user drop-off: -  What elements of your      design do users find      confusing? - What issues do your users     have? Answer those questions, and then address them in new design iterations.

2. Usability

Consumers now expect your website to work and look consistent across devices and meet their needs where they are at. Make designs efficient, visually appealing and don’t distract from the overall goal of your website.

3. Visual Design

Micro-copy, the language on buttons and headers, is a science. It encourages users to act and makes your site easy to navigate. The language should be clear and concise and should lead customers to a mutually beneficial action.

4. UX Copywriting

Reduce Your Churn

Reduce Your Churn

We can help you satisfy users with a well-designed, user-centric website that retains customers and reduces churn.

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