7 Steps  to a Great  Product Video

By Scarlett Payne   |   October 6, 2021


Decide which video(s) will best motivate your potential buyers. - Simple product demo - Explainer/How-Tos - Selection advice - Unboxing - Customer testimonial

1. Choose Your Video Type

Decide between the following video styles: - Live-action - Animated - Screencast - Whiteboard - Combination

2. Select a Style

Now plan everything you want to cover in your video with the following in mind: - Features and benefits - FAQs - Full views and close-ups - Sound and captions - Brand personality

3. Make a Plan

A script is what the speaker or text overlay will say.  Make sure your script isn’t too salesy. It shouldn’t discuss price at all, especially if the video is on your product page.

4. Write  a Script

A storyboard is a  shot-by-shot visualization of the video.  It can be as simple as hand-doodled slides with an explanation as long as it’s clear how the final video should look.

5. Create a Storyboard

For a smooth production, make a list of everything you need in advance. Include everything and everyone in the video and all the equipment you need to film and edit.

6. Make a List

Now you’re ready to shoot and edit your video. Remember that a  live-action video will require quality equipment and lighting.

7. Shoot  and Edit

A Note  on Length

Your product video is best kept under 1 to 2 minutes, with visual demos as short as 15 seconds and explainer videos up to 90 seconds.

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