How to Kickstart Your Content Strategy

By Laurence Williams   |    November 20, 2020


Content Strategy Is More Than Just Putting Words on a Website

Writing content that pleases your target audience and search engines, while also staying on brand, is not a thing that happens without making a plan.

Satisfy Your Target Audience 

Getting your message right is as much an art as a science, and you won’t get the traffic you want unless you publish quality content. Think about your audience and how they engage with your content. Then build a strategy to reach them.

How to Kickstart Your Strategy 

1. Research Audit your content, identify what works, and do competitor research to see what works for them. 2. Build a Strategy Identify content types, channels, and a style guide. 3. Establish a Plan Delegate content production and create a schedule.

How to Kickstart Your Content Strategy 

4. Create Great Content Produce long-form content optimized for search with keywords and title tags, and create derivatives to disperse. 5. Maintain Your Work Have a process for auditing old content; tracking key metrics, and updating content to keep it fresh.