How to Manage Negative Brand Engagement

By Veronica Figueroa |   March 31, 2020



You can't avoid negative social media comments, no matter how great your business is or how hard your team works.

Even so, it's possible to minimize the impact it has on your brand image.

Also Fact:

The best defense is a good offense.

Negative social media comments present an opportunity to show your business’s dedication to resolving issues and keeping customers satisfied. Here’s how to do it.

Track Mentions

An angry customer won’t always bother to find your social handle and complain directly to you.  Ensure nothing slips through with social media monitoring tools that track brand mentions

Respond in a Timely Fashion

Timeliness matters. According to Convince & Convert, 42% of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes, and 57% expect the same response time on evenings and weekends. 

Now, maybe you can’t respond to every mention within the hour.  Setting up automated responses through platforms like Facebook Messenger can help. We recommend addressing complaints within 24 hours.


Whatever you do, don’t reply aggressively. When you address a complaint, make sure your response is sincere and genuine because your audience will be quick to pick up on a canned response.

We recommend personalizing the response and directly acknowledging the complaint. It’s in your best interest to be transparent, honest, and offer up a solution to turn the situation around.

Slide Into  Their DMs

Move to a private channel for sensitive information, like order numbers, or to let the customer elaborate. Once settled, follow up on the public post to close the loop.

Don’t Take  Any Abuse 

Don’t put up with vulgar, discriminatory or inappropriate comments. Calmly warn users when behavior isn’t acceptable and may result in being blocked.