Earn More Email Addresses With Your Website

Laurence Williams | September 30, 2020


Email is the one of the best ways to foster audience connections: – 80% of small business owners say email marketing improves customer retention. – The ROI for email campaigns is $44 to every marketing dollar spent.

So, how do you increase email capture on your website?

With landing pages and pop-ups.

Landing  Pages

You can build landing pages to capture emails with enticing offers. Require an email to receive special content, like reports, white pages or early access to products.


People have had great success using lightbox  pop-ups to capture emails, including one blogger who had 1,375% more sign-ups from their pop-up than a sidebar.

When to Trigger It

– At the end of your content, so you’re not interrupting the user experience – When the user signals intent to leave your website – With page scrolling as an indication

Where to Place It

- At the top where they don’t interfere with content and can remain on the page as the user scrolls - In the corner, so they don’t block content

Earning Emails

Email capture is a transaction – the person values what you’re offering enough to give their email for it. Offering quality content works, but sometimes you have to whet their appetite with a deal.

Offering Discounts

Deals and discounts can significantly boost pop-up Clickthrough rates. They can promote exclusivity and encourage loyalty: “sign up to be the first to hear about...,” or “10% off to our first 100 sign-ups.”

Offering  Coupon Codes

Emails with coupon codes offer a 48% increase in revenue. You can also make offers conditional on a minimum order value so that people purchase more.

To Encourage Action:

– Combine offers like free shipping and discounts – Use a countdown timer – Make your offer exclusive – Gamify it (e.g., “you could get any one of these things…”) – Don’t ask for too much information