Adapt Your Business to Changes in Consumer Behavior From COVID-19 

Adapt Your Business to Changes in Consumer Behavior From COVID-19 

By Scarlett Payne   |    December 4, 2020


A Shift in Consumer Mindset

42% of people admit that the way they shop will change for good. Life has changed due to the global pandemic, and those changes have inspired shifts in how people think and consume. Some of these changes are accelerations of trends long in the making, while others have changed direction.

Openness to Data Sharing 

With COVID-19 came contact tracing software that could keep people safe. Reports have revealed that consumers are willing to give up personal data for a good cause. How to Adapt Gain user data by offering incentives and explaining the good that comes of it. Monitor new data closely and adjust marketing plans accordingly.

The Shift Towards Digital 

A need to stay connected, the growth of remote work, increased free time, and moving classes and activities online have all contributed to a digital shift. How to Adapt  Get online, stay active on every platform relevant to your brand, build your community, and keep up with online trends. Now is your chance to invent or try something new; create an app or offer online events.

Only the Essentials 

Consumers are spending less on discretionary items and more on health-related goods. Basic physiological and safety needs have taken priority.  43% of people are worried about their financial security next year. How to Adapt Support health-conscious consumers, provide discounted items, or add value to existing products. 

Ecommerce and Delivery 

More people are shopping online for the convenience, selection, and safety due to COVID-19, and will continue to. How to Adapt Optimize your ecommerce site, ensure your audience knows you’re online, and focus on good UX/UI. Use AR and VR to showcase products. Offer safe delivery options and/or curbside pickup.

New Loyalties 

Consumers try new brands as they search for a better price or value, can't find their go-to in stock, support local businesses, or feel that an option is healthier.   How to Adapt Get  products by the big players', and emphasize lower prices, value, or health-boosting factors. Promote local appeal. Keep customers’ loyalty:  Build your community, emphasize customer service, and engage with emotions.

Life in the  Slow Lane

Remote work and flexibility have given life a relaxed pace. While free time has led to consuming more digital content, people will get screen fatigue as time progresses.  How to Adapt Adjust your messaging to fit in with consumers’ desire to slow down and practice self-care. Prepare ways to engage with them offline to maintain brand awareness.

The Rise of Conscious Consumption 

With a growing sense of social responsibility, consumers are donating more and thinking about businesses’ ethical practices. How to Adapt Make it clear that safety is your top priority, and follow safety guidelines. If you can, give back to society and promote how your business is benefiting the social good - if it is.