Introducing the New Google Analytics 4

By Laurence Williams   |    October 16, 2020


A New Way to Measure Data Through Google Has Arrived.

Built on the foundations of the App + Web property introduced in 2019, Google Analytics 4 is now the default experience for all new properties, and it is where Google will be investing their time and resources for future improvements.

Google Analytics 4 is a new system – not an upgrade. You will need to set up a new GA4 Property in your account. GA4 will eventually replace Universal Analytics, but not right away. You should set up dual tracking by running Universal Analytics while establishing GA4 tracking with one of these methods: Populate your GA4 property with a gtag.js that is already running on your site. Add the GA4 tag to your site through Google Tag Manager.

Smarter Insights, Predictability Modeling

New dashboards will focus on customer-centric measurements and will help you understand more about the customers of your business, how they discover you, and the actions they go on to take.

A Step In the Right

Direction For User

GA4 is built for the future of digital marketing, with smarter analytics and data collection that doesn't use cookies. GA4 protects user data privacy and uses advanced modeling to accurately fill in data gaps. It also offers more granular data control, so you control how you retain data and stay up to date with changes in privacy policy in your markets.