Facebook Ads  vs Google Ads: Which to Use?

By Veronica Figueroa  |   May 8, 2020


Should you spend your marketing dollars on Facebook or Google?

The answer depends on your business objectives and your budget.

What Are  Google Ads?

Google’s advertising service allows you to create online ads to reach people who search for the products or services you offer.

Types of  Google Ads

- Search ads - Display ads - Shopping ads - Video ads - Gmail campaigns - Local campaigns

What Are  Google Ads  For?

Google ads are used for promoting businesses, products or services; raising awareness; and increasing website traffic.

Who Uses  Google?

Google Ads attracts traffic from users who are actively looking to make a purchase, making it a popular platform. The service works best for high-cost purchases and retargeting.

Why Use  Google Ads?

With Google Ads, you can automate your PPC strategy and control of your bids and budget, so you only pay for relevant clicks from potential customers ready to take action.

Another Advantage

Relevant links that show up on Google’s other search platforms, such as Images, Shopping, YouTube, and Maps, can be an added advantage to companies looking to sell products to users.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is the marketing platform for Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. By creating an ad campaign, you can reach your audience on their most-used apps.

A Leader in Social Media

As a leader in social media advertising, Facebook allows you to increase visibility, build awareness, and measure metrics and goals to continue optimizing campaigns.

Who Uses Facebook?

69% of U.S. adults use Facebook, and 7/10 say they visit Facebook daily. Due to reach and audience targeting, you can reach many people while building a specific, niche audience.

What Are Facebook  Ads For?

Facebook is a cost effective way to increase your social following, leads, and converting users into potential customers.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram also allows you to take advantage of the prevalence of influencer marketing.

If your main objective is to increase your brand’s visibility among a target demographic, Facebook Ads is the right tool for your business.

If you’re just looking to appear on search engines online as consumers search for and research similar products, Google Ads is the tool for you.

Adopt an  Omni-Channel Approach

In reality, you will want to adopt an omni-channel approach using both platforms to increase awareness, leads and sales.

Find a Balance

The best way to discover what works for your business is to test the water. Run ads on both platforms, and measure key metrics to find out how the balance between them improves your business objectives.