Ecommerce Trends That Are Here to Stay

Ecommerce Trends That Are Here to Stay

By Laurence Williams   |    June 3, 2021


Online Boomers

Though trends predicted the rise of online shopping in older demographics, it was born out of necessity due to the pandemic. More Baby Boomers are shopping online in 2021 than ever, and they will keep doing so.

Digital Stickiness

Consumers are expected to keep their online habits because digital spending is too easy and convenient. It’s not just shopping: digital entertainment and digital health tools are sticking around.

Blended Experiences

Consumers are looking to have physical reactions from the digital (and vice-versa), whether it’s an app experience, products shipped to their door, or using QR codes to pull up a restaurant’s menu.

Shopping Apps

Social media has become a significant part of the digital shopping experience. The convenience that Facebook and Instagram Shops have created shouldn’t be downplayed.

Buy Local, Online

In 2020, consumers were hyper-aware of where they were putting their dollars. That meant buying from small, local and minority-owned companies or whoever aligned with their values.

Consumer  Safety Online

After the pandemic, the sheer volume of consumers and online activity opens up room for exploitation, phishing, bugs, credit card fraud and scams. This is damaging to your brand and can be a massive liability.

Looking Ahead

It’s up to you how your business thrives online as we exit the pandemic. Better design, better customer experience and safe online shopping are essential to a successful future.