5 Ecommerce Tips for 2021

By Laurence Williams  |   June 3, 2021


1. Focus on UX

During the pandemic, consumers were quick to forgive imperfect online shopping experiences. But now, as the physical economy opens up, standards are rising.

2. Manage Your Reputation

Manage your reputation at every touchpoint to develop trust and increase CLV. Emphasize website usability, and make it easy for customers to return or exchange items.

Earn loyal customers by encouraging further transactions and  re-engagement. Follow up and ask for feedback. Negative feedback gives you a chance to win back a customer.

4. Prioritize Security

Ensure your website is secure, so customers trust it with their personal data and credit card info. Online shopping is all about trust that the product will arrive as advertised and that you’ll handle the shopper’s information properly.

5. Work All Your Channels

There are so many ways to market or sell online. You need to test all the channels that make sense for your product, and nurture those that work for you. Stay on top of trends and technology, and be authentic.