6 Personalization Tactics for Ecommerce 

By Laurence Williams | September 15, 2021


It’s important to start practicing personalization tactics early in your ecommerce journey. The processes you employ should become lean, quick and habitual– just the normal course of business.

To apply ecommerce personalization tactics: 1. Design how personalization efforts are executed. 2. Develop a process for testing iterations of personalization. 3. Employ scalable tactics

Scalability  Matters

As your business grows, you’ll obtain more data. Using scalable tactics means that growing data doesn’t require any major increase in time or energy.

1. Personalize Recommendations

Use on-page widgets to show related products to your customers, whether on the product page or in the cart. You should also personalize recommendations in emails.

2. Offer Continued Shopping

Use the same widgets to show customers what they were looking at during prior visits to your website so they can frictionlessly continue their online shopping experience.

4. Personalize Bestsellers

Keep an updated bestseller list on your site that lets customers know what products are hot, and use segmentation to show them the  best-selling products for their needs.

5. Use In-Session Retargeting

Trigger pop-ups to react to behavior, like users moving their mouse to close out. Then use segmentation to change pop-up copy for unique audiences, like new vs returning users.

6. Pace Your Retargeting Budget

Leads get colder the longer it has been since they visited your website, so bid on audiences accordingly.  For bigger budgets, we use 2-day, 7-day and 14-day audiences.

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Start using these 6 tips to personalize your ecommerce store and win customer loyalty.