Do Your Ecommerce Landing Pages Do This?

By Scarlett Payne  |  November 3, 2021


If your company relies on ecommerc, then mastering the art of the landing page is critical. Your landing pages should do the following 8 things to maximize their potential.

1. Work  With One Ad

Each landing page should work with one ad, so you can isolate data variables and find accurate insights on how to improve. Landing pages optimized to match one ad are also more effective.

2. Match Intent

There are 4 types of searches: navigational, informational, commercial and transactional. Create ecommerce landing pages that match the intent of the queries you’re trying to rank for.

3. Establish  Credibility

Most people won’t buy until they know they can trust you and your product. Use trust signs like reviews and case studies and be straightforward to establish credibility.

5. Qualify  Your Audience

Qualifying landing page leads can help you: - Retarget the right people   - Use the correct data to   optimize your strategies - Prioritize those likely to   become repeat buyers

6. Start  With Copy

When building a landing page, write copy first. This will ensure your copy (what sells) isn’t limited by design, and that your designer doesn’t have to redesign later to suit copy.

7. Answer All

Copy should be brief, but not at the expense of leaving questions or objections unanswered. Encourage people to buy your product by giving them everything they need to make a decision.

8. Use One CTA

Landing pages should have one goal, and thus, one CTA. Using several calls to action takes visitors in different directions, ultimately distracting them from the goal at hand.

These tips  are a great start,  but you might  be wondering how to implement them.

If you’re interested in further direction  (and more tips while you’re at it),  we hope you will read our full guide.