Ecommerce  in the  Post-Covid Era

By Laurence Williams   |    August 20, 2020


Ecommerce trends have always been steadily growing, and are predicted to grow more over the next decade, but the Coronavirus Pandemic has accelerated how quickly those changes have taken place.

Traffic Growth to  Ecommerce Sites

Contributing to the growth of ecommerce, the pandemic pushed a quicker adoption of online shopping because people were fearful of public spaces (or they were closed).

Catching Up

In response to shutdowns, companies that hadn’t ventured into the digital marketplace had to make a quick pivot to ecommerce to make up for lost in-person purchases.

Bricks & Clicks

Businesses that couldn’t operate in-person because of protective measures found success in adapting to online sales, and digital spaces became new revenue streams for many.

Growth In Online Shopping Habits

Whether it was panic buying the essentials, supporting local businesses or putting their stimmy to good use, consumers became more willing than ever to shop online.

Faster Conversions

Businesses also saw a rapid increase in conversion rates with a buying urgency similar to that of Cyber Monday. And that appetite didn’t disappear.

A Boom in Boomers

Two-thirds of new online shoppers during this period were over 45. Now familiar with the convenience of online shopping, this audience is here for the long haul.

These Changes  Were Predicted

The growth isn’t surprising to those in online retail; what is surprising is how quickly it occurred due to a global pandemic disrupting the industry and creating demand and necessity.

Take Advantage of Demand

There are more online shoppers now than ever, and they’re ready to buy. Is your brand doing everything it can to capture this audience and improve conversions?