Benefits of  Using a CRM for Ecommerce

By Laurence Williams   |    September 1, 2021


Ecommerce is booming, but the market is getting crowded. Deliver outstanding value to your customers and win new and returning business by implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

What Is a CRM?

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system that allows businesses to collect, store and act on customers’ personal data.

CRMs help people across your organization use data to manage relationships with customers, from sales to customer service.

Beyond Email

An email service provider (ESP) is limited in personalization and data capabilities. CRM features and integrations go further, letting you market to individuals with tailored messaging.

How Does a  CRM Help?

- Track customer activity - Personalize interactions   and marketing   campaigns - Automate and   personalize marketing   outreach

Do B2C Ecommerce Stores Need a CRM?

There are many CRMs designed for various niches. An ecommerce company can benefit by using a CRM designed for winning business and improving customer relationships.

What About Shopify?

Shopify and other ecommerce site builders, like WooCommerce, are content management systems (CMSs) – a website builder used to create, manage and update website content.

There’s a Plugin for That

There are several great CRM plugins you can employ on your Shopify or WooCommerce store. These plugins integrate and sync with product data to make processes more efficient.

Automatic ‘Recipes’

One awesome CRM benefit is the automatic ‘recipe.’ You can automate email, text, and other forms of remarketing (with personalization) to trigger in response to certain user actions.

How to  Evaluate CRMs

1. How intuitive is the platform’s UI? 2. How is the platform’s usability? 3. What features are available? 4. What integrations are available? 5. Value: What’s the bang per buck? 

What to Look For in a CRM

The features available tend to be pretty standard but should at least include: - Cross-channel tracking - Analytics and reporting - Data visualization - Predictive analysis

5 Ecommerce CRMs To Grow Your Business

1. Klaviyo 2. Sendinblue 3. Drip 4. Creatio 5. Keap

Customer relationship management is an iterative process as you improve messaging and materials and grow your business. With a CRM, you can improve your sales service, keep marketing lean and effective, and reduce churn.

Thanks for reading!