Chatbots vs Web Forms

By Scarlett Payne   |   February 1, 2021


Can Chatbots Replace Forms?

Regardless, chatbots only work best in certain settings.

Forms Chatbots  Can Replace

• Contact forms • Order forms  • Basic support forms    (if limitations are clear) • Surveys and quizzes • Feedback forms

Chatbot Pros

• Help in real time • Be proactive • Engage with dialogue • Remove error  submissions • Responses unique to  users • Segment audiences • Track goals • Cross-channel  capabilities

Web Form Pros

• Show all questions     right away • Level of investment is  clear • User familiarity • More formal • Sense of privacy • Sense of security

Should You Replace Your Forms?

It’s less about whether chatbots are better and more about how to use both effectively. Which to use depends on the unique context, product and audience. Sometimes using both captures more leads.

Optimize Chatbots

• Put user experience first • Don’t ask too much • Make CTAs clear • Don’t create detours

Optimize Web Forms

• Put user experience first • Don’t ask too much • Make form-filling easy • Use drop-down lists    and checkboxes