Do You Have an  Ecommerce Frankensite?

Gilbert Gomez   |    July 23, 2021


The Beginning

It all began when you decided to launch a website. You bought a template, added a bunch of plugins, and borrowed from competitors because they had what your target audience wanted.

Present Day

But what you ended up with is a Frankensite: A Frankenstein website haphazardly pieced together, ignoring all the rules of web design. It’s not the website to grow your ecommerce business.

From small businesses to large corporations, these sites exist. And while some may seem well-polished on the front-end, the interaction design is begging to be hacked and put out of its misery.

Bad UX is bad  for business.

Many confuse UX with high-quality graphic design. Don’t. Graphic designers make aesthetic web pages. UX designers improve the interaction between users and a system.

Slow & Furious

More isn’t better or faster. Websites that are chockablock with plugins, riddled with unused code, and plagued with unnecessary calls to the database tend to be bloated and slow.

Too Many Cooks  in the Kitchen

Too many developers isn’t always a bad thing, but different developers might prefer different technology, tools and frameworks. This can result in messy, bloated code.

Goals, Shmoals.

More often than not, a Frankenstein website tells me that from the beginning there was never a clear marketing strategy to guide the design and development of the website.

Ecommerce goals don’t have to be far reaching. They can be as simple as “I want people to call.” Now, too many goals can also cause patchwork. Limit yourself to 4 different, clear and tangible goals.