6 Benefits of  Live Selling for Ecommerce

By Scarlett Payne  |  October 29, 2021


Live selling is the practice of selling products through livestreams. It’s referred to as “live shopping” from the consumer’s perspective.

What Is Live Selling?

Since the pandemic forced more businesses online and platforms like FB, IG and TikTok added live shopping capabilities, the trend has taken off in the US.

Live Is Booming

The live selling phenomenon skyrocketed in China a couple years back, and if it’s progress there is any indication, it will become vital to US ecommerce for the  long-run.

Here to Stay

6 Benefits  of Live  Selling ->

1. Increase Website Traffic

Live selling drives traffic and sales by providing viewers with product links. Streaming on other platforms also introduces you to new buyers without creating several shops.

2. Build Better  Relationships

Many brands are removed from their customers—a mere entity with nice products.  Livestreams add a human element that is easier to form a connection with.

3. Improve Differentiation

Livestreams also further differentiate a brand by creating stronger associations and memories. People recall what’s unique, and we buy what we recall.

4. Shorten Customer Journeys

When a customer purchases from a livestream, they tune in, click a product link, and buy—skipping much of the complicated consumer decision-making process.

5. Reduce Returns

Live selling also results in fewer returns because people who buy from a livestream have a better idea of what to expect from a product.

6. Stay Competitive

Once every ecommerce brand is selling live, you don’t want to be the only one that’s not. You may very well lose customers to those who are keeping up with industry advances.

To learn more about live shopping in the US and what it means for ecommerce, check out our full blog.

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