Apple’s Privacy Change: What Businesses Should Know

Laurence Williams | April 27, 2021


App Tracking Transparency

Apple just released the latest update to their operating software, iOS 14.5. The biggest change is their new data privacy feature that requires App Tracking Transparency.

Value Differentiation

Recognizing that consumers wanted more security around personal information, the upgrade is a value-add to the privacy-conscious consumer. Apple isn't busy selling personal data; instead, they’re building a product that protects it.

Where’s  the Beef?

The move has upset Mark Zuckerberg because Facebook relies on the income of advertisers who pay for accurate, personalized advertising that comes from data collection.

Facebook’s Argument

Facebook even bought a full-page ad in The New York Times claiming the update is bad for small businesses that rely on Facebook Ads’ personalization to reach their audience.

A Better Internet

Making the internet more secure for personal data has become increasingly important to users.  The question is, can you still have the benefits of a personalized online experience without putting data at risk?

How It Affects Businesses

Without access to highly specific data sets, ads might become less targeted. This does mean it may be more expensive for businesses to get the same results achieved with better targeting.

In The  Driver’s Seat

If users prefer relevant ads, they can always turn tracking on. They may be more inclined to do that on legitimate platforms they interact with on a regular basis, like Facebook and Instagram.

Our Thoughts

iOS 14.5 is a great move. As an Apple user, it makes me feel like I have control over how I share personal data and with whom. And it makes Apple look like they care about data privacy – a winning stance in the current environment.