Most people don’t actually want a logo. What people are looking for is brand recognition and the brand equity that comes with it.

Most people don’t actually want a logo. In fact, most people that contact us about branding aren’t looking for a logo at all. What people are looking for is brand recognition and the brand equity that comes with it.

A Logo is a Symbol

A logo is a symbol or icon that is created by a graphic designer to stand the test of time in the minds of your consumers. The goal is to make the logo stand out so that your audience recognizes your advertising. A good logo can make a difference.

Brand recognition may start with having a strong logo, but brand equity comes from managing every interaction a customer has with your brand and leveraging your marketing to remind them that you exist.

Brand Equity Comes From Action

When starting up a new business, many are concerned with getting a logo in place, and trademarking their name and image so that competitors can’t steal any of their brand value in the future. This is the start of a long branding process that hopefully ends with people perceiving your company as the go-to brand for your product or service. We would like to give you a branding formula that anyone can apply, but there is really only one universal rule. Make your customers consistently happy and you will always be the brand of choice. That is Brand Equity.

Build Your Brand Equity Over Time

Good brands aren’t built overnight. Good brands start with a message that you deliver consistently to your customers and then act in accordance with that message. Over time, the marketplace will start to trust your company and the image of your brand will be consistent with your message. The people will have come to expect what you deliver. Deliver a good message and you will have a good brand. Deliver an inconsistent message or worse and people will lump you in with all the other businesses, the ones that have great logos.

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