Boldist - The marketing snowball: Building a sustainable marketing program

Sustainable marketing is built by focusing on the long term. There are no short cuts to building an effective marketing program, and the things you do today must be focused on the outcomes you wish to see in the future. We approach all of our clients from this standpoint, from the clients for whom we manage entire marketing budgets, to the project based work we get when companies bring us in as the creative big guns to help launch a new marketing initiative.

In order to plan for the future, you have to know which direction you are going. The more information we have regarding a clients vision, the more effective we are at developing creative ways of achieving that vision through marketing. If you want to build a giant snowball, you should make sure you have enough snow available and it could take you a long time. Being honest with yourself about the results you are looking for and how long it will take to get there will help you make better decisions today. You may be able to deliver results in the short term, but without proper planning, your results will not be sustainable.

Whenever you asses a marketing initiative, figure out how it fits into your snowball. If it’s not helping you build a sustainable marketing program, it’s probably better off left alone.

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