Boldist - Let's make election day a holiday

We’ve built our business on the idea that if we insert ourselves into specific conversations, we will make the world a better place. We do this by supporting businesses who are improving people’s quality of life. We also do it by running our agency in a way that allows our employees to lead better lives. We want our employees to have ample time off to be present when it matters – to attend family gatherings, to get much needed rest, and to find the joy that will fuel their creativity.

As business owners, we feel it is also important to facilitate our team having the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. We’ve found that employees who have to take time away from their personal time to fulfill their civic duties, are less likely to actually fulfill them. This year, and every year going forward, we pledge to close our agency early on election day, to give our team the time to vote, without taking away from other priorities they may have.

If they choose to vote early, they can use this time for whatever they want, and we hope they use it to celebrate making their voices heard.

We encourage you to join us in shifting our country to one where everyone believes that their vote counts. If you’re with us, give your employees time off and sign the list at

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