33 Lists You Might've Missed

It’s a known fact that people love lists. And we get it, they are easy to read, fun to share and can be funny, inspirational or informative.

As the world’s love of lists has continued to grow, we thought it only fitting to offer you a list of lists. So, here are 33 lists you might’ve missed. Do enjoy.

1. 4 problems that improving people skills can help with.
2. 5 smart design technology kick starters projects.
3. 5 best elegant Google font combinations.
4. 7 times the internet teamed up to solve a mystery.
5. 7 things morning people do differently.
6. 8 excellent reasons to redesign your website.
7. 8 ways tech has completely changed our brains.
8. 8 entertaining videos by Vallee Duhamel.
9. 9 of the world’s most innovative tiny houses.
10. The 10 best road trips in America.
11. 10 life lessons to excel in your 30s.
12. 10 amazing bloopers that made it into the final movie.
13. 11 of the world’s most beautiful library.
14. 12 world records you can break during your lunch break.
15. 12 clever ways to repurpose wooden pallets.
16. 13 book suggestions from Judy Bloom and Lena Dunham.
17. 13 movies you don’t want to miss at the 2014 Florida Film Festival.
18. 15 striking portraits of ancient tribes around the world.
19. 15 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do.
20. 15 exquisite redesigns of everyday objects.
21. 17 uses for legos in your everyday life.
22. 17 weird food holidays.
23. 25 web design tricks to honor 25 years of the web.
24. 30 things to stop doing to yourself.
25. 31 people who are NOT ‘asking for a friend.’
26. 33 ways to make whiskey part of every meal.
27. 36 movies filmed in Orlando.
28. 40 signs you are a buzzfeed writer running out of list ideas.
29. 52 lists per week.
30. 58 everyday things that you never knew had names.
31. 75 content starters for any industry.
32. 100 questions that great questions every entrepreneur should ask.
33. The 100 best, most interesting blogs and websites of 2014.

You read the whole thing!

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